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detox start

detox start [options]

Runs the start command of the app (or apps) from the specified configuration.

-C, --config-path <configPath>Specify Detox config file path. If not supplied, Detox searches for .detoxrc[.js] or "detox" section in package.json.
-c, --configuration <device config>Select a local configuration from your defined configurations to extract the app "start" scripts from it. If not supplied, and there’s only one configuration, Detox will default to it.
-f, --forceIgnore errors from the "start" scripts and continue.
--helpShow help


If you have only one configuration, you can simply use:

detox start

To choose a specific configuration:

# long alias:
detox start --configuration yourConfiguration
# short alias:
detox start -c yourConfiguration

To forward extra arguments to the "start" script, e.g.:

detox start -c yourConfiguration -- --port 8082

To ignore errors from the "start" scripts and continue:

detox start -c yourConfiguration --force