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Contributing to Detox

Detox, an open-source project, greatly values community involvement. Whether you're a mobile developer, QA specialist, or an open source enthusiast, your contribution could significantly enhance the reliability, user experience, and development process of mobile applications.

Our Code of Conduct

To ensure an inclusive, safe environment for all contributors, we adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct. This well-recognized code provides clear guidelines for respectful behavior.

Ways to Contribute

All contributions, regardless of size, can help shape Detox. We welcome:

  • Questions: Your inquiries can help identify gaps in our documentation and benefit all users.
  • Answers: Assisting other Detox users by providing guidance or responses to their questions.
  • Bug Reports: Help us identify and resolve Detox issues.
  • Feature Suggestions: Your ideas for new features can help us improve Detox according to user needs.
  • Code Contributions: Directly contribute by fixing bugs, adding features, or improving our codebase.
  • Code Reviews: Help maintain the quality of our codebase by reviewing others' contributions.
  • Documentation Enhancements: Improve Detox documentation from user guides to API references.
  • Content Creation: Share your knowledge of Detox through blog posts, tutorials, videos, and more. We're always excited to share your content on our Twitter account and Discord server.

Your active participation helps build a vibrant community dedicated to improving mobile development.

Engaging in the Community

Join our Discord server to discuss Detox, ask questions, and provide help. Follow our Twitter account for updates on the project.

Becoming an active community member is a great way to start contributing to Detox. It provides familiarity with the project, helps identify opportunities to contribute, and allows guidance from other contributors. The more you engage, the more recognition your contributions receive and the greater impact you can make on the project's direction.

Appreciation and Recognition

All our contributors deserve recognition. We express our gratitude by featuring them in our Release Notes.

Core Contributors Program

We plan to launch a "Core Contributor" program for individuals who have significantly contributed to Detox and shown deep understanding of the project while being active in the community. Core contributors will be invited to a private Discord channel for exclusive discussions and will receive a distinguished role on our Discord server.