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Investigating Failures

There are a few tricks and tools that can help you to understand the reason for test failures, even before you resort to debugging.

Using Detox test artifacts​

Artifacts are very powerful tool to understand your test failure, you can easily make a screenshot, video or even hierarchy of your app under test, e.g.:

detox test -c <configuration> --take-screenshots failing --record-videos failing

Learn more about configuration of Detox test artifacts and available CLI options.

Switch to verbose log levels​

You can get detailed information about the test execution if you use debug or trace log level:

detox test -c <configuration> -l trace

In most cases we recommend using debug log level to understand the failed test better.

Missing elements​

If your tests are failing due to non-existent or invisible elements, you can inspect the native view hierarchy to understand better the failure reason.

More recipes​

See Dealing With Problems With Running Tests guide for more recipes.


If debugging still seems a viable option, please follow our debugging guide.