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Version: 7.11.2

Screen Lifecycle

Any React Component registered with react-native-navigation is enhanced with two additional lifecycle events:

  • componentDidAppear - called each time a component is revealed to the user
  • componentDidDisappear - called each time a component is hidden from user's view as a result of being detached from hierarchy

These methods compliment React's lifecycle methods:

  • componentDidMount - called once, when a component is attached to hierarchy for the first time
  • componentWillUnmount - called once, when a component is destroyed


These methods are called in the following order when a component is created and attached to hierarchy.

  • constructor()
  • render()
  • componentDidMount()
  • componentDidAppear()


These methods are called when a component is being removed from hierarchy

  • componentDidDisappear()
  • componentWillUnmount()


When a modal is displayed, depending on the modalPresentationStyle, content behind it might be detached from hierarchy. This affects the visibility events which are emitted to the content behind the modal.

When Modals with pageSheet or overCurrentContext modalPresentationStyle are displayed, previous content is still visible to the user. Thus componentDidDisappear event is not emitted.

Same is applied when a modal is dismissed. If it was originally presented with pageSheet or overCurrentContext modalPresentationStyle, when that modal is then dismissed, the previous context won't receive a componentDidAppear event.


These methods are called in the following order when a component is displayed as an Overlay:

  • constructor()
  • render()
  • componentDidMount()
  • componentDidAppear()

Content displayed behind an Overlay does not receive the componentDidDisappear, since it's still visible to user and attached to the hierarchy.