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Version: 19.x

Setting Up an iOS Development & Testing Environment

Setting Up an iOS Development & Testing Environment​

This guide sums up the tools required for an environment for running automated UI tests using iOS simulators (using Detox, in particular).


Running Detox (on iOS) requires the following:

  • MacOS Catalina or newer

  • Xcode v12.x or newer (v13 support - see here), with Xcode command-line tools installed

    Xcode can be installed from the App Store, or downloaded directly from Apple Developer


Install the Latest Version of Homebrew​

Homebrew is a package manager for macOS, used to install other command line tools.

To ensure everything needed for Homebrew tool installation is installed, run

xcode-select --install

Install applesimutils​

A collection of utils for Apple simulators, Detox uses it to query and communicate with the simulator.

brew tap wix/brew
brew install applesimutils

Note: Make sure to periodically update your version of applesimutils to the latest version.