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Before You Start: UILib Packages#

Starting with version 5.12.0 UILib exports individual packages so you can import only what you need.

Why packages are important?#

  • Smaller bundle size. By importing only the components you need, your bundle size will be reduced to the files that were imported.
  • Quicker setup. Avoid installing peer dependencies and linking native dependencies you don't need.

How does it work?#

import View from 'react-native-ui-lib/view';import Text from 'react-native-ui-lib/text';import {KeyboardTrackingView, KeyboardAwareInsetsView, KeyboardRegistry, KeyboardAccessoryView, KeyboardUtils} from 'react-native-ui-lib/keyboard';...

Install UILib#

  • Run npm install react-native-ui-lib
  • Install mandatory peer dependencies, npm i react-native-reanimated react-native-gesture-handler
  • Install ios pods, cd ios && pod install

If you plan on using specific components, see UILib Packages above.
For some packages you might still need to install one of the peer dependencies

Peer Dependencies#

UILIb has mandatory peer dependencies on the following packages:

Optional Dependencies#

Some dependencies are optional and required by specific components or features (e.g. Card's blur features requires installing @react-native-community/blur package)

The following are optional dependencies:

  • @react-native-community/blur
  • @react-native-community/datetimepicker
  • @react-native-community/netinfo
  • @react-native-picker/picker

Install Native Dependencies#

If you plan on using specific components, see UILib Packages.
For some packages you might still need to install one of the native dependencies

Some of the components are using the native dependencies listed below - those are defined as peer dependencies, so you can install the version that suits you.

It's important to run cd ios && pod install if you are using a component that has a native dependency.

  • "react-native-gesture-handler": ">=1.9.0" (mandatory)
  • "react-native-reanimated": ">=2.1.0" (mandatory)
  • "@react-native-community/blur": ">=3.4.1" (required for Card component when passing enableBlur prop)
  • "@react-native-community/datetimepicker": "^2.1.0"
  • "@react-native-community/netinfo": "^5.6.2" (required for ConnectionStatusBar component)
  • "@react-native-picker/picker": "^1.9.4" (required for Picker component when passing useNativePicker prop)

Demo App#

  • Clone the project git clone
  • cd react-native-ui-lib
  • Install dependencies npm install
  • (for iOS) cd ios && pod install
  • (for Windows)
    • update ...&& export DEV_MODE... with ...&& set DEV_MODE...
    • copy gradlew.bat from a recent project to ./android/
    • install fb-watchman for windows or choco install watchman
  • Start the packager npm start
  • Build the app npm run ios or npm run android (or from Xcode or Android Studio).

Starter Kits#

Thanks to Batyr we have these amazing starter kits